Bears challenge in NFL Preseason betting line

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The Chicago Bears have gone from a Super Bowl favorite to a League cellar dweller in just two short years and as the NFL preseason betting season about to begin.

The regular season and the NFL preseason betting line season are obviously two very different things, but to be counted out even before the NFL preseason betting lines are dry is not a good sign. And so as the Bears prepare to take on the NFL preseason betting lines expectations in the NFL preseason betting are as low as they’ve been in years.

The once vaunted Bears’ defense looked like Swiss cheese last year and most NFL preseason betting line fans are well aware of this fact. With the Bears defense being exploited every which way last year (starting with the NFL preseason betting line competition) there are not that many handicappers for NFL preseason betting lines that are going to pick this team as a division winner. In a once relatively week division the completion has improved and the Bears have gotten decidedly worse, just ask any NFL preseason betting fan.

The problems of the Bears are manifold and four weeks of NFL preseason betting lines to fine tune the kinks will hardly be enough. For starters, the team enters the NFL preseason betting line competition with the worst QB in the league. Exactly who that will be is unknown, but whoever comes out atop of that slop competition will be the worst starting QB in the League, NFL preseason betting lines, or otherwise.

Previously the strength of the defense was enough to cover up for the awful play of the QB. It is no longer. As such, the Bears will be looking to use the NFL preseason betting lines action to find ways of strengthening the interior of the D. But the Bears biggest concern heading into the NFL preseason betting is the running game, which is in tatters. As bad as the Bears passing game is heading into the NFL preseason betting line action, its running game is equally poor.

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