Arizona’s Popularity in Super Bowl Odds

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds tell us that the Arizona Cardinals are a popular choice in Super Bowl XLIII.

The Cardinals are 7 point underdogs in Super Bowl odds but gamblers are taking them by about a 3-2 margin. Let’s take a look at this Super Bowl odds matchup.

Super Bowl odds information tells us that the Cardinals were really not given a lot of coverage during the regular season. Only in the playoffs have people begun to watch their games. The Cardinals don’t have a lot of fans around the country but that doesn’t mean gamblers won’t take them in Super Bowl odds. The Cardinals have never been featured in Super Bowl odds before and they have had only two winning seasons since moving from St. Louis. They had a 9-7 record this season and they were 9-7 in 1998 as Super Bowl betting stats show. Arizona won the NFL championship in 1947 as Super Bowl odds from then show.

Super Bowl odds facts tell us that the Cardinals were the only team that finished with a winning record this season from the NFC West. The Seahawks slipped this season into oblivion while the Rams are terrible and the 49ers are rebuilding.

On the other side of this Super Bowl betting matchup are the Pittsburgh Steelers who have played in six previous Super Bowls. Much of the country got to see Pittsburgh games this season as six times this season the Steelers were seen by 60% of the country and in their game against Dallas more than 90% of the country saw the game. Super Bowl odds information tells us that anytime Pittsburgh is on NBC or ESPN they get total coverage.

Super Bowl odds history tells us that a record of 97.4 million viewers watched the Super Bowl last year. The previous season a total of 93.2 million people in the U.S. watched the Colts and Bears as Super Bowl odds history tells us. It is extremely unlikely that viewership for this year’s Super Bowl betting matchup will top either of those two figures.

Take a look at Super Bowl odds today on the Cardinals and Steelers and enjoy the game.

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