AFC North Team Predictions for 2015

December 17th, 2019 NFL Football

With the 2015 NFL season coming up soon, we take a look at the AFC North teams in the division and the expectations and predictions for this 2015-16 Seasons.

In the past decades the AFC North has adapted the age old saying “3’s a Crowd” with the Steelers of Pittsburgh winning 4 division titles, the Bengals of Cincinnati and the Ravens of Baltimore have each won 3 division titles in that same decade.

Coming into the new 2015-16 seasons it appears that neither of the 3 we just mentioned is stand out favorites to win this division this year. And let us not forget that this year the Browns of Cleveland are also in the race for the title, which make it more the merry for the NFL fans whom are seeking a highly contested regular 2015 NFL season this year.

1st we start with the Steelers of Pittsburgh whose record in 2014 was 11 wins and 5 losses and this season they are in position the again take the title for the AFC North, as returning is 2 time Super Bowl QB Roethlisberger accompanied by a group of excellent receivers. Their top receiver A. Brown, A. Bryant and M. Wheaton are seeking another fantastic season.

They will miss RB L. Bell who has been suspended for the beginning 3 games of the season, and with the luck going their way, their 1st game is with the Patriots who will be without Brady for the game! But they do have to be concerned also about their defense after several players retired like T. Polamalu and J. Worilds as well as losing the defensive coordinator LeBeau. The prediction for the Steelers for this 2015 is Over 8 wins.

Then we have the Bengals of Cincinnati whose record in 2014 was 10 wins 5 losses and a tie. Since we are not discussing the postseason, the Bengals will remain a topic, as they always seem to have a good chance of winning the division title and if not a wild card. They certainly are a top team in the NFL in the last 4 seasons as they won no fewer than 9 games and made the playoffs in all 4 postseasons.

Late this season they have 2 road games that could be very crucial as in week 15 the play the 49’er in Santa Clara and week 16 they take on the Bronco at Mile High. With both those games on the road and at night is bad, as the Bengals since 2005 have 1 win and 12 losses in road games at night as they seem to turn into Bungles. The predictions are that the Bengals will be Over 8 wins for 2015!

Next we have the Ravens of Baltimore who in 2014 had 10 wins and 6 losses. Like Cincinnati the Baltimore team can never be discounted in the regular season as their coach Harbaugh had made then a contender at all times. He has been there 7 years and has only not made the playoffs 1 time, back in 2013 when they had 8 wins and 8 losses.

Their concern this season is on offense as they lost WR T. Smith and J. Jones and RB R. Rice, replaced with high draft picks in WR B. Perriman and TE M. Williams. Their defense also lost a franchise best player H. Ngata now with the Lions.

The Ravens 1st 2 road games are crucial as they travel west to take on the Broncos and the Raiders to begin their season, and that’s a tough tri for any NFL team. What’s amazing is that 5 of their 7 starting games for the season are on the road. The season may be Coach Harbaugh toughest to date. The Prediction for the Raves for 2015 is Under 9 wins.

If you Bet on NFL at SBG sportsbook, next there are the Browns of Cleveland whose record in 2014 was 7 wins and 9 losses. With everyone touting the Ravens, Bengal and Steelers, it’s easy to forget about the Browns of the same division. This is another trying season for Coach Pettine whose QB status still seems to be somewhat confusing, and their receiving roster leads somewhat to be desired.

One thing is certain, and that’s the fact that the team presently has a very strong defensive roster. They are led Pro Bowl CB J. Haden are ranked 8th best in defensive efficiency. However the team still has way too many ifs for them to move to the top of their division. A Wild card could be had, if they make huge gains with their offensive roster, and if their defense can stop the hot QB’s of their AFC North. The prediction for the Browns in 2015 is Under 6 wins.

The overall prediction for the AFC North is that the Steelers will be victorious in this division with 10 wins and 6 losses, as the just manage to get past the Bengals who have the same record while the Ravens will finish with 9 wins and 7 losses, and the Browns falter and only win 4 games and have 12 losses.

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