AFC Divisional Playoffs – No.4 Indianapolis at No.2 New England

The second NFL Divisional Playoff game comes to us from the Gillette Stadium, in Foxborough, Massachusetts some 21 miles southwest of Boston as the visiting Indianapolis COLTS (11-5, 6-0 1st AFC South) take on the home team New England PATRIOTS (12-4, 4-2 1st AFC East) with the kick-off scheduled for 8:15 pm ET on CBS TV on this Saturday, January 11th 2014.

If you bet on NFL at the Online sportsbooks the Patriots are favored in this game at 00 with the total being 00 and 00 on the money line. Since the Chargers beat the Bengals this past Sunday the Colts travel to New England as the most advanced in a win that was incredible and almost as improbable as a comeback you could experience in NFL history. The Colts came back from being behind by 28 in the third quarter as they turned things around and came back to win the game over the Chiefs 45-44.  The Colts in the game against the Chiefs allowed their offense to chalk up some 513 yards and 31 points in the first half.  If Indianapolis expects to beat the Patriots in this Divisional playoff game they certainly will need a better performance by their defense as New England certainly has a very high powered offense and they are playing on their home field.  The Colts can win this game but they must not look past this game and concentrate on beating the Patriots as many fans are overlooking this game with the possible game against the Denver Broncos. A main reason is that this New England team also has a great QB in Brady.  Remember last Nov.18, 2012 when the Patriots beat the new-era Luck led Colts 59-24.

The Sportbook, especially the Online sportsbooks are where you can check for all the line changes and odds for this weekend’s NFL playoff games.  Check on the latest lines for the New England Patriots as we expect those odds to experience a lot of movement prior game time.  The Patriots just announced they have three 2nd team players on the AP All-Pro team with Guard Mankins, CB Talib and Safety McCourty.  The strong point of this New England team is they don’t give up and they now as do the Colts how to develop a comeback.  QB Brady is the focus point of the Patriots but their running game should not be overlooked as they RB Ridley and Blount ended the season gaining within a yard of each other with Ridey gaining 773 yards and Blount rushes for 772 yards.  If you Bet on NFL remember Brady is all-time 10-4 against the Indy Colts.  This will be a very exciting game!