2015-2016 49’ers of San Francisco Team Preview!

.Niners Score Against BearsWith 2015-16 NFL Season coming forth and the preseason starting this week we have begun to preview the NFL teams, and today we are taking a look at the 49’ers of San Francisco whom at one point were a very dominant force in the NFL, but recently struggled and in this offseason, after an 8 win 8 loss season, after losing the head coach J. Harbaugh, and then experienced a major overall to their roster is a incredible series of events.

The question all the fans are asking, can the 49’ers have a possibility for a Super Bowl in the year that it is held in their hometown of San Francisco.

In 2014 the 49’ers of San Fran came of a season in which they had the 3rd consecutive NFC Title appearance, and then in the middle of the 2014-15 seasons, the team came apart. They had offensive inconsistent play, and the rumors of Coach Harbaugh leaving, and the team went into a free fall mode.

Then when it seemed like things could get no worse, they got worse for the rest of the season leading to more departures in this offseason. The main players that left were 4 to retirement, P. Willis, C. Boreland, A. Davis and J. Smith, free agency 5 in C. Culliver, D. Skuta, M. Crabtree, M. Iupati and F. Gore and 1 trade in A. Lee. To top it off they went from the sweet land to a wasteland as even the coaching positions changed with J. Tomsula becoming the new head coach for the niner’s and G. Chryst the new offensive coordinator and E. Manginin their new coordinator for the defense.

So let’s take a look at the offseason, which with the exit of so much talent, so they made changes, and now head into the preseason with high hopes. The signed WR T. Smith from the Ravens, replacing Crabtree, and last season he scored 11 TD’s on 767 yards and averaged some 17.5 yards per reception. While Crabtree in 2014 only scored 4 TD’s and had 696 yards with an average of only 10.2 yards per reception.

They also signed RB R. Bush and D. Dockett a defensive tackle as replacements for exiting F. Gore and J. Smith. But remember, the 49’ers still have a lot of talent on their roster that can produce at a very high level in 2015 as the Franchise expects.

Offensively the still have QB C. Kaepernick at QB, along with TE V. Davis who is a 2 times Pro Bowler, and LT J. Staley a 4 time Pro Bowlers and star WR A. Boldin. On defense the 49’ers welcome back star LB N. Bowman who was out last season with ACL and MCL injuries. In 2013 had a tremendous 2013 season before being injured in the NFC Title game, as he made some 145 tackles, forced 4 fumbles, 2 interceptions and 5 sacks. They also still have the great safety tandem of E. Reid and A. Bethea that makes their defense when healthy the intimidators, as in 2014 in the league for total yards allowed the opponents they ranked 5th.

The main player for the 49’ers is QB C. Kaepernick who many think had a regressive 2014 season, but his statistics contradict that thinking! He actually passed for a few more 100 yards in 2014 while his completion rate improved. Yes, his QB rating dropped from 91.5 in 2013 to 86.2 in the 2014 season, and that was while he had 10 interceptions and threw for 19 TD’s. His decision making in the pocket in 2014 was no good, as he had 8 fumbles while being sacked on some 52 different occasions, which was the worst in the league.

To overcome his problems in the pocket in 2014 he asked for the assistance from, the natural passer from the pocket and SB Champion K. Warner during this 2015 offseason. So QB Kaepernick can to go to the next level by staying in the pocket, and use his ability to pass the long ball, then he will become a dangerous weapon for the 49’ers of San Francisco.

If you Bet on NFL at SBG Global.com, you need to know that the 49’er schedule is not easy, but at the end it gets a bit easier. If they want to stay with the other contenders, they have to win the competitive earlier games and not wait for the easy one to come forth. However, the experts don’t think the 49’ers have come up with the answer to the mass exit of talent they experienced in the offseason. Therefore, they say expect the 49’ers of San Francisco to win 6 and lose 10 for the 2015-16 NFL seasons.