2015-16 Texans of Houston Preview

August 10, 2015 NFL Football

Texans on OffenseWith the 2015 NFL Preseason and Regular Season just around the corner we think it’s time to preview the Texans of Houston who had a horrible record in 2013 of 2 wins and 14 losses, then came back in 2014 with 9 wins and 7 losses for at least a winning season, but there goal in reality was to make the playoffs, that didn’t happen.

In 2015 the Texans would like to make another run, and make the playoffs, but did they in the offseason upgrade their roster sufficiently for the fans to expect that, and for them to finish on top of the AFC South?

In taking a look at the Texans, for sure in 2014 they had no consistency, and the required talent to compete with their opponents to make the playoffs, and only 2 of their 9 victories were against teams with a winning season, that was the Ravens and the Bills. But looking at their losses in 2014, of their 7 losses, some 6 of those games the opponents had a least 10 wins in 2014. Then remember the lost both game to their prime rivals the Colts of Indianapolis. However, they did get victories against their division rivals in the Titans and the Jaguars.

Taking a look at the offseason, their weakness offensively is at QB and with the running game. Their 2 QB’s M. Schaub and R. Mallet both struggled in 2014 and their controversy continues. Mallet started the season with a win and a loss and then had a season ending injury. Thus they brought in B. Hoyer from the Browns who likely will start the season at QB. In 2014 at Cleveland in 14 games he passed for 3,328 yards with 12 TD’s and 13 intercepts, and if he can’t get the passing game up to speed, the Texans are in trouble, as basically they have no running game to speak of for 2015.

Their star running back A. Foster with a recent injury will miss some significant game this season. The team’s owner B. McNair stated if only Foster was in full strength we would dominate the leagues rushing charts. They will pray her returns soon, as the RB depth chart for back-up material; there is no one that is a standout RB.

Defensively, their team grew bigger with the addition of 11 year veteran lineman V. Wilfork, who can lead the blocking through the trench, and free up the other linemen. Also, returning from injury is their 2014 1st round draft pick in J. Clowney who returns and will play to prove his worth.

Their top player on the team in none other the J. J. Watt and we have not mentioned him previously, as he deserves a lone topic. He’s a huge man who last year had 20.6 sacks and that was a 1st in NFL history, as the player who made 20 or more sacks during 2 separate seasons. Then he had 2 offensive TD’s and 3 on defense, and that made him the 1st since 1944 to score 5 TD’s. He had 5 recoveries of fumbles if which he force 4, and for his 2nd time in 3 seasons was selected as the NFL defensive player of the year. This season he may be even tougher on the opponents, with the addition of Wilfork on the defensive line, which will give Watt more room to storm

They claim a key game for the Texans this season is a late game with the Colts of Indianapolis on the 20th of Dec. 2015 as their season draws to an end. The Texans are hoping at that time they could be in position for the playoffs which this season is the AFC South vs. the NFC South. Thus their visit in their week 15 to play the Colts could be very important as they have to overcome their losing to the Colts as they did last season if they are to move on and beat them at least 1 time in the 2015-16 seasons. However, they could get an early lead on Indy since they play their 1st game with them on week 5 in Houston, and 2 wins over the Colts would be fantastic and help them to becoming the AFC South winner.

But for those that Bet on NFL at a Sportsbook, the Texans have early odds of +400 to become victorious in the South AFC. But the prediction is the Texans have too many issues and are short of talent thus they will finish 3rd in the South AFC with 7 wins and 9 losses for this upcoming season!

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