A 2014 Super Bowl forecast reports weather with snow covering the Newark area. But that’s another day, and another forecast with less than seven days before Super Bowl XLVIII at the MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey with kickoff scheduled for 6:35 pm ET may be available. Thus, you probably may feel excited, but if you go to the game, prepare for a little cold.

An ESPN reporter is there and feeling the cold.  He had never been to New York City before, and actually left a day sooner and landed in Newark which is the airport where the Broncos and Seahawks will land.  When he arrived his picture for Sunday’s game was a terrifying one. He said it will get warmer this week, but still all could be covered in snow the entire time, and that’s still not a guaranteed prediction.  

When the time comes, it will be cold when the teams kick-off. The weather channel has changed their prediction of snow from 40% for Saturday to 60% for the Sunday game,  and still not really sure of Saturday’s weather.  Then Weather Underground stated they are staying with the prediction of Ice Pellets for the Sunday game. They in turn predict just the opposite with Saturday having 60% and on 40% precipitation Sunday.

Thus, forecasting the weather for this Super Bowl XLVIII is like flipping the coin,  as to whether it will rain or snow for the game.  Also, the wind seems to be diminishing, which fans that Bet on NFL like to hear,  as that can improve the quality of play in the game.  The actual temperature of the game seems to rise from the level of freezing.  That is also good news for the Offshore Betting fanatics who really wager at times based on the bad weather and team play.
Could this Super Bowl be postponed as a result of bad weather?  It would be a remote possibility, like back in 1932 when the NFL changed the venue of the game and the Chicago Bears and the Spartans of Portsmouth had their game moved inside to the Chicago Stadium. That was the first NFL championship game to be moved.  Another move happened in 2010 when a regular season NFL game with Minnesota and Philadelphia was moved to the following Tuesday.  Two games have had the dates changed as a result of hurricane forecasts, and dates have been moved because of issues with the stadiums, that came about due to earthquakes, fires and snow storms.
In reality, since that 1932 re-location of the Championship game with the Spartans and the Bears, who had to go inside, there has only been one game that had to be changed as a result of the snow.  That was when the roof of the Metrodome collapsed during a regular season game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings and fortunately was not the NFL’s most important day of the year 2010.

So could the Super Bowl XLVIII that is scheduled for February 2, 2014 in New Jersey at the MetLife Stadium be moved to another day due to the weather?  Everything is possible, but you could also win with the Powerball numbers coming up, or maybe you’ll get hit tomorrow by lightning.  The NFL always has contingency plans for each Super Bowl, but rarely do they speak about that,  and they actually don’t talk about moving the game because of winter weather,  because it hasn’t happened in more than 81 years.  If they had to that, it would certainly affect those fans that wager at SBG Global; for instance, if they had already bet at online sportsbook,  would their wager still be valid?