2009 NFL Betting Money Lines

January 3rd, 2019 NFL Football

NFL betting money lines are an interesting option when it comes to football betting online.

Instead of laying or receiving points with NFL betting, you lay or get money. Sometimes gamblers forget all about money lines in NFL betting but they really should not.

NFL betting money lines are very easy to understand. For example, if the Pittsburgh Steelers are a six-point home favorite over the Baltimore Ravens and a gambler thinks the Steelers will win but doesn’t want to screw with the pointspread, he can take Pittsburgh to win the game straight up, which in this case, would likely be at around -320 or so. You can see both the attraction and the problem with the NFL betting money line. All you have to do is pick the straight up winner but a loss can set you back significantly.

The money line has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at both. The advantage to the money line when you are playing the favorite in football betting online action is that you don’t have to worry about the pointspread. You won’t have bad beats on late backdoor covers. You only need to win the game. If you are taking the NFL betting money line underdog you have to win the game outright but you receive plus money that can be very attractive. The drawback is that your team can cover the spread but lose the game and you would lose your wager.

Another advantage of the money line in NFL betting is that it makes gamblers more confident. Instead of worrying about the pointspread, the gambler just picks straight up NFL betting winners.

NFL betting money lines are definitely not as popular as pointspreads but they do have their place. In Super Bowl football betting online there is no question that the underdog gets a lot of attention on the money line. In recent years the underdog has won outright enough to make the underdog profitable on the NFL betting money line. Long term though, the favorites have been the way to go on the Super Bowl NFL betting money line.

Money lines are a great part of football betting online options that you don’t want to forget about this season.  Open a New Account and enjoy all the NFL action at SBG Global!

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