Wisconsin and college football betting 2008

The Badgers of Wisconsin have produced a good number of college football betting stars.

This season the team lacks any real superstars on the national college football betting level, but this team more than makes up for it in overall talent. The Badgers enter the college football betting season as highly ranked as they’ve been in years and hungry for an NCAA football betting Big Ten title, at the very least.

Last year the University of Wisconsin college football betting team finished with a record of 9-4 in the NCAA football betting action (just like three other Big Ten teams) and was unable to separate itself from the pack. This year, if the team can make it through the college football betting season without serious injuries, it has a very good shot at claiming the Big Ten conference title.

Heading into the 2008 college football betting season the Badgers are ranked 13 and trail only the Ohio State Buckeye’s in the NCAA football betting polls in the Big Ten conference. The team’s college football betting schedule is set up just about perfectly for the Badgers to make the type of run that could see them join the ranks of the top five in most NCAA football betting polls by the season end. The team’s toughest match up will be against OSU and this meeting comes at perfect time in the college football betting season.

The two top ranked Big Ten teams will meet up on October 4th which gives the Badgers plenty of time to get acclimated with the new college football betting season. It also comes early enough in the year that a loss won’t ruin it chances to take a shot a top NCAA football betting bowl game. The Badgers also face tough games against Penn State and Illinois in October but if the Badgers can finish the college football betting season with one loss, they’ll win the Big Ten and be in contention for the BCS college football betting championship game.

It’s no sure bet by any stretch of the imagination, but University of Wisconsin has a perfect road map for a shot at a college football betting championship, according to most NCAA football betting specialists.

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