Winning College Football Odds

Remember when betting college football odds that you start at disadvantage due to the “juice”, you must wager above to win when betting NCAA odds.

College football odds are wagered on more successfully if you keep some main points in mind. If you stick to certain principles when you wager against NCAA odds you can make more money. Let’s look at some guidelines that can help you win versus the college football odds.

College football odds success begins with never accepting less than added value. Nobody in their right mind would ever knowingly pay more than they have to for a stock or a product at a store. So why would they do that when they are betting college football odds? When you limit your betting on college football odds to only be with wagers that are better than what you deserve, you begin to get some of that ten percent vig advantage that you surrendered back. Beyond that, you also will be on the right side of “bad beats” which will instead be “lucky wins” instead.

If you are betting college football odds just to bet, just to make the time pass or to enhance the excitement of a television game you are betting for the wrong reasons and will find that it is an expensive way to add a little bit of excitement to your life. There is nothing wrong with action bets versus NCAA odds but you shouldn’t expect to win money in the long term.

If you are betting college football odds, you should be betting to win. This means that you will be selective and pass on a lot of games that the masses would otherwise play. It means that you will demand added-value and sit out games that don’t offer it, no matter how high profile they are on the NCAA odds board.

Another trap that trips gamblers up when betting college football odds is that they chase losses. If you want to make money versus the college football odds you can’t afford to go on tilt and throw money away. Discipline is a huge factor in any type of wagering including wagering against college football odds.

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