Wagering Against College Football Odds

College football odds totals are ignored by many gamblers that bet college football lines and that is too bad because value can be found.

College football odds can be bet a lot more successfully if you know where to look. The key to finding winning college football lines comes down to having a different approach from the masses and looking in different places than the majority for solid plays versus the college football odds.

College football odds are going to be tilted toward the big name favorites. You must know that taking big time “name brand” teams as home chalks such as Michigan, Notre Dame, Miami, Oklahoma, and USC will more often than not result in overlays and poor values that cost you money in the long term. Successfully wagering with such teams versus college football lines should be done when they are either on the road or as underdogs. “Name brand” college football teams are at their best when up against other similar programs or in the role of underdog versus college football lines. They also make decent values on the road where the overlay potential is not nearly as great versus the college football odds.

Another good place to find college football odds success is with a thorough examination of each team’s coach. In college football, perhaps more than any other sport but certainly more than in pro football, the coach is literally everything from general manager, player personnel director, and of course the coach.

Another way to find success versus college football odds is spotting teams on the rise. BCS programs can be spotted and often ridden for a long time as a value if they are off the radar a bit like Arizona State, TCU or others.

The smaller non BCS conferences also often offer great college football odds value. The Western Athletic Conference, for example, has featured giant killers such as Fresno State and a Boise State program with one of the best home field advantages in all of sports.

Another place to find success versus college football odds is on totals. They provide excellent bargains for gamblers willing to look at them on the college football odds board.

There are many different ways to bet college football odds and find success. These are just a few that could help you this season as you look at the board.

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