Virginia Tech and college football betting

Last year was a rotten year for Virginia Tech on and off the college football betting field.

As every college football betting fan knows the school suffered an awful tragedy in the classroom that led to the senseless death of dozens of students. And to much, much more minor degree the disappointment of the team failing to live up to NCAA football betting expectations only added to the awful situation. An 11-3 season was hardly a college football betting failure but in most years’s that record would not have allowed the Hokies to finish as high in the college football betting polls (9th) as they did.

But 2008 is a new year and new college football betting season. With a year of healing behind them the school and the team are ready to move forward as the college football betting season approaches. For the team that means improving upon their record in the NCAA football betting action. Playing in a very tough ACC the Hokies have their work cut out for them. Known for its success in basketball, the ACC is also very competitive in college football betting and this year the level of competition has increased dramatically when it comes to the college football betting schedule.

Rising teams like North Carolina, Clemson and Miami will make it very tough on the Hokies and their quest to return to the top five in the college football betting rankings. Still, the Hokies are the ACC team to beat in preseason NCAA football betting odds. In the Coastal division of the ACC Conference the toughest college football betting challenge is likely to be the Tar Heels although the upstart young Hurricanes could also surprise many people in the college football betting world this year.

On defense -the Hokies college football betting calling card- they will be as solid as ever, despite losing a few key upper-classmen to the NFL draft. This side of the ball shouldn’t be much concern for college football betting bettors. But on offense, this unit was hardly impressive last college football betting season and with at loss of several key players like Brandon Ore, this unit could be problematic.

QB Shawn Glennon has failed to live up to the college football betting hype and despite being capable he’s hardly an impact player. The search for Ore’s replacement could also be a difficult task considering most NCAA football betting experts hold a low opinion of the team’s O-line.

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