Utah Defeats Colorado State in Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl

December 28th, 2014 NCAA College Football Betting

football field before gameThis recap is for the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl, which was one of the three Bowl games on Saturday, the 26th of December, 2014. The Royal Purple Bowl was played on Saturday at 3:30 PM ET and televised on ABC TV, with the game played at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The No. 22 Utah Utes 9-4 (Pac 12 South) played the Colorado State Rams 10-3 (MWC Mountain), as the Utes displayed superior offensive talent and won the game 45-10.

In this bowl game the Utes managed to score 6 touchdowns, with extra points and a FG for 46 total points, while the Rams were only able to score a TD and FG in the 1st quarter for 10 points, and that was the extent of their scoring in the game. This was a game for the Utes QB Wilson to standout as he had 91 yards rushing in the game, scoring 3 touchdowns, and passed for another TD in the game.

From the kickoff in this game the Rams defense struggled, and on the 1st play of the game, with the Utes with the ball, they were completely confused as Utes QB Wilson flipped the ball to RB Booker, who threw it back to Wilson and he then threw it to receiver Clay for 36 yards. It was on that 1st drive that QB Wilson score an 8 yard TD, one of his 3 touchdowns in the game. He was selected as the MVP of the game.

With exception of passing yardage, the Utah Utes prevailed in the statistics of the game as Utah had 29-1st for 548 total offensive yards, with 189 passing and 359 rushing yards with 1 turnover, while possessing the ball for 33:56 minutes of the game. The Colorado State Rams had only 13-1st downs for 278 total offensive yards, with 266 passing and 12 rushing yards and had ball possession for 26:04 minutes of the 60 minute game.

The offensive leaders in the game for the Utes in passing was QB Wilson who completed 17 of his 26 passes for 158 yards with 1 TD and 1 interception. RB Booker & QB Wilson combined for 27 carries for 253 yards with Wilson scoring 3 touchdowns and Grayson scoring 1 TD, while Receivers Clay & Scott had 10 receptions for a combined 124 yards and no touchdowns.

Leading the Rams offensively were QB Grayson who completed 20 of his 34 passes for 227 yards with 1 interception. RB Lovett in trick play, was flipped the ball by QB Grayson who in turn threw it downfield to QB Grayson for 36 yards and the only TD in the Game. RB’s Hart & Jarrells combined for 13 carries for 34 yards and no touchdowns. Receivers Higgins & Williams combined for 10 receptions for 159 yards and no touchdowns.

In the final, the Rams lack of offense and loose defense told the tale of the game. Offensively the rams had been averaging 172 yards coming into this game, and in this Bowl game they only managed 12 yards rushing, which says an awful lot about the defensive play of Utah. Offensively Utah had 347 more offensive yards than the Rams in this Bowl game.

Thus for those that bet on college football at SBG Global online, don’t fret as there are still quite a few Bowl games between now and the 4th of January including the 2 playoff bowl games, that will result in another final bowl game for the National Championship in college football.

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