Underdogs in College Football Odds

As you look at the college football odds, ask whether or not you believe the college football betting line underdog has any chance to win the game.

College football odds almost always are tilted towards the favorites. That is why when you look at the college football betting line you always want to start your handicapping with the underdog. It goes against human nature to take a team you don’t think is going to win the game but the college football betting line is made by the oddsmakers and the better teams are usually favored. The key is that the better teams don’t always cover the college football odds.

College football odds almost always give bettors opportunities to take the underdog. The college football odds maker knows that people would rather bet the favorites and that oftentimes gives underdogs good value. We know that taking a team like Duke in college football odds is not easy to do, but if they are getting enough points it is something you have to consider. It is much easier for the bettor to want to lay points with Ohio State, but that does not mean that wager will be a winner versus the college football betting line.

There will be games in which you find yourself looking at the underdog in college football odds and thinking that the wrong team is favored. It is those games that should be the stronger of your underdog plays versus the college football odds. Your secondary plays will then be the games in which the underdog is getting more points than you think they should be in college football odds.

As you look at the college football odds and pick out underdog plays you need to do the basic handicapping work. You want to make sure that you are not taking an underdog that doesn’t do well against that team, or plays poorly in that situation. That could mean on the road, against a particular rival, etc. You don’t want to be taking an underdog in a situation that doesn’t look good. There will actually be occasions where an underdog is getting good value but intangible factors point against them.

Taking the underdog is not a popular thing to do versus the college football odds but that doesn’t mean it isn’t successful. As you bet college football odds this season really consider underdogs.

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