Texas Tech and college football betting

When people think of college football betting in Texas they generally think of the Longhorns or the Aggies.

But one of the best kept secrets in the Lone Star stare’s college football betting action is the Texas Tech Red Raiders. For many years the ugly step child of Texas’ NCAA football betting, the Raiders are now a perennial top 25 team in college football betting and have their sights set on the ultimate prize as the NCAA football betting season nears.

Unconventional would a good word for Coach Mike Leach’s offense, but there is no arguing that since he took the reigns of this college football betting program it has been the most prolific in college football betting. No other major program in college football betting even comes close to the productivity of this team’s offense in terms of scoring and numbers. The sheer numbers alone are mind-boggling for most NCAA football betting fans, but surprisingly, many college football betting fans have never even heard of Leach or his crazy offense.

His system is perhaps best classified as revolutionary and perhaps that’s why it hasn’t caught on at other major college football betting programs. And it’s not as if it’s a gimmick offense in a second tier college football betting conference. Leach’s teams have consistently been in the running for Big 12 titles against college football betting powerhouses like Texas, Oklahoma Kansas and top ranked Missouri. It is simply a matter of time before this team explodes into the elite level of college football betting and begins seriously contending for a national title year in and year out.

This could be the year with a number of veteran players returning to start the college football betting season, many NCAA football betting analysts expect to see the Raiders in the hunt for the title in ’08. College football betting fans should expect plenty of scoring this season in Lubbock. QB Graham Harrell should rewrite numerous college football betting records and pass for over 5,000 yards again this college football betting season thanks to the help of WR Michael Crabtree, the best WR in college football betting.

Tech has four game stretches that will make or break its college football betting season against Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. But if it wins two of these three and suffers only one loss on the season, it will be going to a BCS college football betting bowl game.

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