Televised College Football Odds

If you are looking at betting college football odds TV games you should at least consider starting by looking at the underdog in NCAA football odds.

College football odds are definitely better if you can watch them on television. The games that are available to watch are seemingly endless and NCAA football odds are available on each of these games. College football odds are also more popular on TV games. It is amazing how much more money is bet on football on a televised game than one that is not on television.

Some college football odds makers have said that nearly half of their handle for the weekend comes from the televised games. That includes NFL and college football. Most weekends have about 50-60 games in college football and every game has NCAA football odds. Many college football fans begin their weekend handicapping by looking at the college football odds on TV games. If the game is not on TV a lot of people don’t want to bet. Very often in addition to the side you will also get a total posted on the television game in college football odds. Many college football fans ignore the total, but you might want to give it a strong look as you bet NCAA football odds.

Sportsbooks around the world have a very high interest level on TV games. Very often the public will look at the TV games and look strongly at the favorite in college football odds. College football odds makers are well aware of this tendency and they will shade the college football odds to the favorite.

Betting just because a game is televised is something that many people will do. There is no getting around it. We all want action. We just have to remember to be careful with TV games and not go overboard versus the college football odds. We should also take a look at betting the total on these TV games too. Remember that you are in action just as long, or longer, when you bet a total versus college football odds.

College football TV games will have heavy interest all season long and college football odds are great to bet.

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