Teaser College Football Odds

As you look to bet college football odds teasers versus the college football betting line you want games that fit well.

College football odds are sometimes easier to beat if you have some extra points in your favor. Teasers are one of those types of options in college football odds. Let’s take a look at teasers versus the college football betting line.

College football odds teasers have three basic options. You can buy an extra 6 points, 6.5 points or 7 points. Some sportsbooks will let you have the big 10 point teaser but those college football odds are different. Some places will let you start with a two team teaser while others begin with three. They can go up to 10 teams on a teaser. The college football odds go up as you add teams to your teaser. If you have a push on the teaser it could be a loss or it could revert back down to the next level depending upon the rules of the sportsbook.

You are looking at about -120 for a two team teaser versus the college football betting line. You get almost 2-1 college football odds on a 3 team teaser. You get almost 3-1 in college football odds on a four team teaser. The college football odds continue to escalate as you add teams and they will vary depending upon if you choose 6, 6.5 or 7 points on your teaser.

For example, you don’t want to be using a 7 point teaser on games where the 7 points doesn’t make much difference. If it is a 5 point favorite and you are teasing it; the 7 points takes it to +2 while a 6 point teaser takes it to +1. You would want to choose the 6 point teaser because it is unlikely the extra point will matter versus the college football odds. You also need to be selective with college football teasers. Looking at games that should be competitive, with small point spreads, is a wise choice versus college football odds. We want games that should land around the college football odds.

When betting college football teasers it is always good to consider all the options. You want games that are competitive and you want the lines on your teaser to be important. Look at the college football betting line and find your best games and put together a great teaser.

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