Sugar Bowl Game Betting

Sugar Bowl game betting at SBG Global is usually very exciting as the Sugar Bowl is one of the games in the Bowl Championship Series which means every four years or so the National Title game is the Sugar Bowl.As you examine Sugar Bowl odds you need to remember some of the trends that apply to the game.

Sugar Bowl game betting at SBG Global has been around a long time.  College football betting games have had a lot of excitement and it has determined National Champions.

As you consider Sugar Bowl game betting you want to remember that since the game is in New Orleans teams from the South will have a little bit of a home field advantage.  As you look at Sugar Bowl game betting remember that favorites have done pretty well.

This goes against the overall bowl trend of underdogs doing well.  If you are looking for trends on the totals there is not much to work with.  You might want to remember as you look at Sugar Bowl odds that motivation is always a key.  Some teams are looking to make a statement while others are just looking for a long vacation.

Home field advantage can play an edge and it has proved successful in Sugar Bowl game betting, as teams from Louisiana and Florida have had great success.  In the Sugar Bowl the SEC is involved a great deal as they have played in nearly every game since the 1980’s and have a record that is above 55% against the Sugar Bowl odds. 

Sugar Bowl game betting will continue to be popular since the game gets prime time TV coverage every year.

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