College Football Betting Rule Changes Will Affect NCAA Betting

If you enjoy college football betting then take note, NCAA football betting has changed the rules again for this upcoming college football betting season.

Each Saturday morning during the NCAA football season there are great opportunities for profit for college football betting players.  You have over forty games of sides, total over/unders, halftimes, parlays, teasers, etc. each and every Saturday during the NCAA football season.  College football betting features a greater variety of matches from true mismatches to great rivalries.  How you handle NCAA football betting decides how much enjoyment you get out of these great days.

A typical college football betting Saturday is broken down into various time segments with blocks of games and college football betting odds.  There are the early college football betting odds for games that start around noon eastern time.  Another round of college football betting odds for games begins around 3:30 pm eastern.  The next round of college football betting lines begins around 6:30 or 7 pm eastern.  You also get a round of college football betting lines at 10 pm eastern and then you might even get a late college football betting game in Hawaii starting at midnight eastern.  With over forty games spread out over the entire day you have a lot of different chances to make money or lose money in NCAA betting online.

There are thirteen weekends of the NCAA football regular season.  You really ought to consider each week a separate event in your college football betting.  That means preparing your NCAA betting online bankroll for the entire college football betting season.  Let’s say that you start the NCAA football betting season with a $1,300 gambling bankroll.  That would leave you $100 per week for the NCAA betting online season.  You would then break that NCAA football wagering bankroll down into as many segments as you wanted to play on a Saturday or start with that $100 on the early games and see how you did.  By breaking down your NCAA football betting bankroll you keep yourself out of trouble and can handle winning and losing streaks much easier.  Those who bet their entire college football betting bankrolls on one day or one game are eventually going to lose it all.

There are a number of important factors to look at when you begin your college football betting.  The basic stats such as points scored, points allowed, yardage for and yardage against are good, but you also want to consider other numbers when looking at college football lines.  You can break down the statistics into rushing yards per game, rushing yards against, passing yards for and against, and home/away splits.  You can also include in your statistics categories for things like strength of schedule, conference or non-conference games, etc. when considering NCAA football odds.

Some handicappers really like to look at past history or trends with their NCAA betting online.  They look at how a team did in past games, head to head, against the spread, etc.  They also get very involved in way too many trends that may not apply against the NCAA football line.  Another thing to consider is the home field edge in online college football betting.  Places like LSU, Ohio State, Michigan and others have great home field edges.  There are many other spots that are also good as you look at the college football gambling line.

Some people will look strictly at the college football odds when making bets. It is a matter of betting into the college football betting lines for them. If you see a number that you believe is way off then you make the bet against the college football spread. Oddsmakers don’t always set numbers based on equal action and you might find a play based on the college football betting lines.

NCAA football betting is very exciting and it can be profitable if you consider NCAA football handicapping this season.

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