Rose Bowl Game Betting

Rose Bowl game betting at SBG Global will always be exciting simply because the Rose Bowl is such a historic game and because it is the only game in the afternoon on New Year’s Day. How can you make money when you look at Rose Bowl odds?

Rose Bowl game betting during the 1990’s had the Big 10 winning nearly every game.  The Big 10 won 7 of the 10 games in the 1990’s.  The 1980’s were all about the Pac 10 as they won 7 of 10.  The Pac 10 has been the more dominant conference in recent years in the college football betting Rose Bowl.

Recent history in Rose Bowl game betting shows that the games have not been that competitive. Most of the games have a winning margin of at least a touchdown in terms of Rose Bowl odds. The Rose Bowl always has a lot of media hype, but it rarely has lived up to expectations.

Since we know that Rose Bowl games are rarely close we can first look to take the favorite when considering Rose Bowl odds. That may mean looking to bet the Pac 10 since they are oftentimes favored.

The one edge that the Pac 10 has is that the game is played in California and that is usually a built-in home field advantage for them in terms of Rose Bowl game betting.  Taking a glance at the total in Rose Bowl game betting we don’t see a lot of recent Rose Bowl game betting trends.

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