Road Teams in College Football Betting

As a college football betting gambler is look for the combination of quality and value and college football wagering road teams can be a good way to go.

College football betting road teams can be good bets, especially if they are one of the “power” teams. One of the things that a college football betting gambler will pick up on is that traditional power or more popular teams are usually overpriced at home, but fairly priced on the road. Let’s consider road teams in college football wagering.

College football betting with road teams can sometimes change power teams from overlays to solid values. The college football betting gambler is much more likely to lay points at home because of the home field advantage mentality. When teams are laying points on the road in college football betting it causes people to think a moment. There are teams that illustrate this fact every single season in college football betting. Miami is an excellent example of this home/road betting dichotomy. Miami is a huge public team that always gets college football betting gamblers to jump on board. From 1998-2004 the Hurricanes were below .500 at home against the college football betting spread as a favorite yet were a super 17-12 on the road laying points. If you could get past Miami struggling as a home chalk and look at them on the road you were able to make money in college football wagering.

Georgia during that same time period had similar college football wagering numbers to Miami. They struggled at home as favorites, yet did quite well laying the points on the road in college football betting. Another factor that many gamblers forget is the travel squad factor. You have to remember in college football that home teams always have more players than the road squad. What this means is that home teams late in the game will end up playing players that don’t even make the trip when they go on the road. You see a higher quality of players late in the game on the road than you do at home in blowout situations. This is huge if you are trying to cover a big number late in the game in college football betting.

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