Returning Starters and College Football Odds

College football odds are exciting, yet unpredictable to wager against in the early part of the season

One statistic that can help you as you look at the early college football odds is returning starters. Keep in mind that if the returning starters are good and showed improvement last year, that team could be a good option in a college football betting line but if these players were poor players on a poor team the returning starter factor means very little. College football odds have a number of factors to consider including the returning starters.

In college football odds the factor of returning starters gets too much attention from players. Many magazines talk about returning players but many gamblers end up putting too much stock in this information versus the college football odds. We have to remember that the good teams reload and the bad teams stay bad. Sometimes a better way to look at college football odds is to look at the school instead of the returning starters. A bunch of returning starters at Duke means nothing in college football odds.

A team like Texas that doesn’t have a lot of returning starters shouldn’t be ignored either on the college football betting line. They recruit far better than Duke does in football and their incoming class will always be more talented. Most programs in college football operate within a certain range within the college football odds each year. There will be some fluctuation here and there but for the most part you can put a team into a general range of talent.

In college football odds it is important to check the players returning against their performance last year but it can’t be a main point of emphasis in your handicapping. There are far more important factors in terms of the college football betting line. What you need to remember about returning starters in college football odds is that this information is easy to find.

Whenever the whole world knows about something it is very unlikely it will provide you with much of an edge in terms of the college football betting line. While the returning starters factor is interesting to look at and much publicized by many touts and magazines, it does not win you any money in the long run versus the college football odds.

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