Quantity or Quality in College Football Odds

Many people don’t believe that betting college football in quantity is the way to go. They prefer to pick a few strong plays versus the NCAA football odds.

College football odds give you about 50-60 games to wager on during a normal Saturday. The question you have to ask yourself is how many games you want to play versus the NCAA football odds. This is a tough question for some people that bet college football odds to answer.

College football odds can be all about numbers. Let’s say you can hit about 55% of your plays and those are on your top plays of perhaps three per weekend versus the college football odds. If you increase that amount to perhaps double then you would worry that your winning percentage might go down to 53% or so. If that is the case then you can’t be playing any more games versus the NCAA football odds. If you play 10 games over a three week period and are able to hit 6 out of 10 that would be a winning percentage of 60%. Let’s say you bet $100 per game. That means 6 wins for +600, and 4 losses for -440. That is a profit of $160 versus the NCAA football odds. Let’s say you increase your plays for that four week period ten-fold. That is a huge difference, but for this example let’s say you play 100 games versus the college football odds. Your percentage goes down quite a bit to 55% but let’s look at those numbers. You win 55 games and lose 45. That means +$5500 and -$4950. The profit for the four week period is now $550 instead of $160 versus the college football odds. You hit a lower percentage of winners but you made more money versus the college football odds.

As you bet college football odds this season that could be something you do, but before you make that decision consider what we looked at. Can you hit a reasonable percentage of winners if you increase the number of your plays? If so, then you can make more money versus college football odds. One factor that we haven’t looked at that may influence your decision is your bankroll. If you have a bad day playing a lot of games you will get hurt more, but if you have a great day you will win more. It is all about what your tolerance for risk is versus college football odds.

Betting college football games in quantity is not always easy to do versus college football odds but it is an option to consider.

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