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College football betting lines are similar to pro football betting lines but there are some differences.

First of all, there are about four times as many college football teams as there are pro football teams. So while all of the NFL teams are well known and get a lot of publicity playing in major media markets, most college football teams are virtually unknown to the average college football gambling player.

College football betting has about 50 games on the board each week but only a few of those games are really focused on by the public. The majority of the college football betting public has scant knowledge about the other games, thus their focus is on a super group of what could be called “traditional power” or “name brand” teams on the college football betting board. Teams such as Notre Dame, USC, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, Michigan, Miami, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and others receive most of the attention from the public in college football gambling. On the other hand, successful college football programs such as TCU and Utah often get ignored, because they are not well known, and thus they retain their value on the college football betting board until the masses finally catch on too little and too late in college football gambling.

All of this name recognition plays into how the college football betting line is made. Those aforementioned “name brand teams” are often poor values and overlays when they are at home versus the college football betting line. The football masses will just not bet the unknown teams when they play the marquee teams on the college football betting board. It doesn’t even matter if they are poor values on the college football gambling board. The public is going to bet the marquee teams in college football betting, period.

While name recognition is the major ingredient of the college football betting lines, other factors such as star players, big name coaches, media hype, and recent performance also are ingredients that complete the flavor of the final college betting line that you see, which is ultimately based on public perception.

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