Outback Bowl Odds

Outback Bowl odds are just as juicy and just as tasty as their college football odds sponsor namesake.

So if you love steak and you love college football odds there is no possible reason how you could not take an interest in the Outback Bowl betting.  But even though this is perhaps one of the most ingenious sponsorship pairings in the history of college football bowls, what makes the Outback Bowl odds really special is the consistently excellent on-field competition.

Outback Bowl odds are yet to be released as the college football season still has a week or two to sort itself out.  Right now the number 3 team from the Big Ten and has already committed to the Outback Bowl odds.  That Big Ten team will square off against an at large SEC team in the Outback Bowl betting, which will likely be the number four team.  The top two SEC teams seem destined for BCS bowl games and the third place team will likely choose a Chick-fil-A Bowl bid over the Outback Bowl odds due to the fact that the other bowl is paying out considerably more than the combined $3.1 million being offered by the Outback Bowl odds committee.

But either way a fantastic match up in the Outback Bowl odds is assured.  Michigan State looks to be the Big Ten rep, while Georgia very well could be featured in the Tampa-based Outback Bowl odds as well.  This would be one of the more competitive match ups in college football, and although no national titles would be on the line in the Outback Bowl odds, you can be sure that it would be can’t miss TV.

And that’s been pretty much true throughout the history of the Outback Bowl odds.  They started in 1968 as the Peach Bowl and there is no shortage of highlights and star players in the 40 years of the Outback Bowl odds.   A short stroll down the MVP list of the previous Outback Bowl odds battles reveals a talented squad of college superstars.  Such players as Drew Brees, Dallas Baker, David Pollack, Bobby Ingram and Tyrone Wheatley give substance to the Outback Bowl odds illustrious history and fans will have to stay tuned to see which names are added to that list this year.  Possible additions to the Outback Bowl odds MVP list in 2009 include Matthew Stafford and star RB Knowshon Moreno.

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