Oregon Ducks 2015-16 Football Betting Preview

December 17th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

With the 2015-16 NCAA Football season just around the corner and many conference are holding news meetings and we will preview a team that could be a challenger in this upcoming season, and that’s the Ducks of Oregon.

Yes, their famed QB of 2015 has left the University and has move on to the NFL, but the Duck still think there offense can be unstoppable as it has been in the past, even with the departure of QB Mariota. Can they make that transition to a new QB and have another fantastic season. If Bet on College at a Sportsbook and you’re in doubt then read on for an overview of the Ducks!

This 2015-16 seasons, the Ducks are without a starting QB and their Coach Helfrich has the job of choosing the right player to fill the spot of the exiting Heisman winning QB in Mariota. However, regardless the team has a lot of talent returning, if fact enough to put them in the lead to win the Pac-12 and move on the National playoffs. They open the season at +225 in the betting odds to win the Pac-12 and +1,800 to win the National Title in this season.

Their key player apart from a new starting QB is running back R. Freeman who is pecked as the most important player in this upcoming season. He is a very talented running back that last 2014-15 season who was a key to QB Mariota success and the teams winning record as he scored some 18 TD’s and rushed for 1,375 yards and this season his odds are +4,000 to win the 2015-16 Heisman.

Then there’s the key game for the 2015-16 season, and it is with the Trojans on the 21st of Nov. 2015. There is no real story in the open 1st Week’s game with Eastern Washington so we move on to Week 12 at which time the Ducks of Oregon are hosting the Trojans of USC in a game that has 2 potential playoff contenders for this season.

Next we look at the Best Case for this 2015-16 seasons as the Duck’s group of talented skill players in return status that makes up for the loss of their talented QB. The RB Freeman and junior T. Tyner play a big role in running the ball, and confuse opponents with the teams play action scheme. So Oregon could go undefeated and get a low spot in the Playoffs and still win the title.

Then there’s the Worst Case that the incoming QB’s are not up to par with Mariota and the Coach starts Lockie, but he struggled and Adams becomes the starter and he struggle but the Ducks all and are left out of the NCAA FB 2015-16 Top 15 in the final poll of the season.

The Duck’s schedule starts on Saturday the 5th of September continues their 12 game schedules through the 27th on November 2015 when they take on state rival Oregon State at home. Their opponents this season include Eastern Washington, @Michigan State, Georgia State, Utah, @Colorado, Washington State, @Washington, @Arizona State, California, @Stanford, USC and Oregon State.

The media experts are predicting that the Ducks of will win the Pac-12 and move on to the Playoffs this 2015-16 seasons.

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