Options for Betting College Football Odds

Hopefully these options will make your college football odds Saturdays profitable because it is exciting if you win money versus NCAA football odds.

College football odds choices are found during the fall months at many sportsbooks.NCAA football odds have sides, totals, money lines, parlays and teasers. You may also find some other college football odds like reverses, if bets, etc.

College football odds have pointspreads and totals for the most part. A pointspread bet is a wager in which a team will get points added to their score and another team will have the same number of points taken away from their score. This is known as the pointspread in college football odds. It can also be referred to as the NCAA football odds on the game.  Pointspreads move up and down all week long depending upon which side gets bet. If bettors like one side then the sportsbooks will move the college football odds higher on that side. For example, if Miami was laying 35 points to Temple and everyone was betting Miami, then the NCAA football odds might go up to -37.  Now it is possible that bettors will bet Temple and that is the goal of the sportsbook. They want action on both sides so they move the college football odds.

College football odds have so many more games than the NFL. College football betting is not as popular as NFL betting but it is not far behind. The amount of games definitely helps, as does the multitude of games that are on TV. NFL betting will always carry the day at sportsbooks, but college football odds are also very important. College football odds can be on the board nearly every day of the week since ESPN televises games as early as Tuesday each week later in the season.

As you look at the college football this season consider the many options you have. You have the ability to bet sides, totals, teasers, parlays, and a multitude of other options in college football odds that will make your college football Saturdays very exciting.

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