Ohio State in big 10 college football betting

Ohio State is one of the rare teams in college football betting that seems to win no matter what.

Sure the team has some down years when perhaps it’s not ranked among college football betting top ten, but after qualifying for the NCAA football betting championship game the past two years in a row many college football betting experts expect to see the team there again. And even though it came out on the wrong side of the past two BCS Championship games, this could be year that Jim Tressel’s team hoists college football betting’s biggest trophy.

Since coming on board several years ago Tressel has resurrected a temporarily moribund college football betting program. Which a rich college football betting tradition that has produced multiple NCAA football betting titles, multiple Heisman trophies and college football betting stars like Archie Griffin it was only a matter of time before the team was back on top. Tressel has done a masterful job of recruiting top college football betting talent and instilling a sense of pride and discipline at one of the most successful programs in NCAA football betting history.

During the past two seasons the team has been shellacked in college football betting’s title game by more athletic SEC teams. The Big Ten is known as the black and blue division in college football betting that means little when you can’t your opponent. The SEC teams have ran circles around the Buckeye’s on college football betting’s biggest stage and that won’t change until OSU gets better athlete’s and sees more athletic competition on a regular basis. The Big Ten is a good conference but at the moment hardly the best in college football betting.

OSU should win the conference once again and be in the college football betting hunt until the very end. Key to the team’s NCAA football betting success will be the play of star RB Beanie Wells and the O-line, one of the best in college football betting. If the team should make it to the college football betting title game once again this year they will have to control the clock and pound their opponents D-line into submission to win.

The team’s passing game is the weakest link on offense and it must improve it OSU wants to add to its college football betting title collection.

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