New Years Day 6 Bowl Games Predictions

November 26th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

With the ending of the 2015-16 NCAA Football Season yesterday, we are jumping the CFP Selections that come out today for the New Years day 6 Bowl Games to see how we faired with our predictions versus that of the Committee. So here we go with our predictions for the 6 Bowl Games to be held on New Year’s Day. We start with the Peach Bowl where we predict it will be the AP No. 6 Big Ten Hawkeyes of Iowa 12-1 playing the AP No. 9 ACC Seminoles of Florida State 10-2 and since they lost the game Saturday to the Spartans of Michigan State, and lost the Big Ten Title and a CFP Playoff spot, they still have big game forthcoming in the Peach Bowl against the Seminoles of Florida State who recently routed the SEC Gators of Florida. This will be an excellent match-up with the game in Atlanta, Georgia.

For the Fiesta Bowl we will see the AP No. 8 FBS Independent Fighting Irish of Notre Dame 10-2 playing the AP No. 14 AAC Champions the Cougars of Houston 12-1. Yes the Fighting Irish had their dreams for the Playoffs busted as they loss to the now AP No. 5 Cardinal of Stanford. Thus, at 10-2 they will have to rejoice making playing at the Fiesta Bowl where they have played on 4 occasions.

On the other side are the Cougars of Houston who just overcame the Owls of Temple in winning the ACC Championship and thus will more than likely play in this big game in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year’s Day.

Then there’s the Rose Bowl where we expect to see the AP No. 7 Big Ten Buckeyes of Ohio State 11-1 who most likely will play the AP No. 5 Pac-12 Cardinal of Stanford 11-2. The Buckeyes come to this Bowl game after dismantling the Wolverines of Michigan so most likely after not making it to the CFP’s they will play in Pasadena on New Year’s Day. They should face the Cardinals of Stanford whom on Saturday won the Pac-12 Title with a 41-22 win over USC.

In the Sugar Bowl we expect to see the SEC – AP No. 16 Rebels of Ole Miss playing the Big 12 AP No. 18 Bears of Baylor. The Rebels of Ole Miss came 1 play away from playing in the SEC Title Game, but now they seem to be pleased that they are likely for this Sugar Bowl bid for the SEC, especially after they won in the Egg Bowl over Mississippi State. Baylor had hoped to make it to the CFP but that was dashed in a very poor played game and loss to TCU, and now the loss in their final game to Texas, we are not sure about this Bowl Game.

Next we have the Cotton Bowl that is scheduled to host the CFP Playoff Semifinal and we expect to see the SEC AP No. 2 Crimson Tide of Alabama 12-1 playing the Big Ten AP No. 3 Spartans of Michigan State 12-1. That rings true after this Saturday the Crimson Tide beat the Gators of Florida to win the SEC Championship and that win should finalize their spot in this CFP semifinal game. Then the Spartans of Michigan State beat this past Saturday the AP No. 6 Hawkeyes of Iowa to win the Big Ten Title.

Finally the 6th New Year’s Day Game at the Orange Bowl in Miami for the CFP Playoffs Semifinal game with the ACC AP No.1 Tigers of Clemson 13-0 playing the Big 12 AP No. 4 Sooners of Oklahoma. The Tigers of Clemson on Saturday beat the ACC AP No. 10 Tar Heels of North Carolina 45-37 and remain undefeated and thus advance as the No. 1 CFP team and advance to this Semifinal game in Miami at the Orange Bowl. On the other side the Sooners of Oklahoma and the Champions of the Big 12.

So there you have our picks for the 6 New Years Bowl games and this evening after this has been written, we all will find out how good these sportsbook predictions turn out!

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