Nebraska Begins Rebrand Quest with College Football Betting Odds

Nebraska native Scott Frost is the biggest hero in the state.  Encompassing that is the 1997 national championship for the Big Red.  Frost was quarterback of the Cornhuskers that year.  And was instrumental in their success with the college football betting odds.  Meanwhile it proved to be the high-water mark of NU football history.  Following this moment Hall of Fame coach Tom Osborne retired.  While Frost departed for the NFL and future coaching career.  In contrast to that 1997 pinnacle Nebraska has since fallen from elite status.  Alternatively, an era of mediocrity set in.

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Unfortunate last year

Nebraska crashed and burned with the college football betting odds last year.  As a matter of fact, they were 4-8 straight and vs. the line.  In comparison to the Frost era it was a devastating humiliation for the entire state.  After all NU posted five national titles form 1970-97.  Additionally, they were in the hunt almost every other year.  Equal to that is fan loyalty and expectations.  Starting with 1962 Nebraska has sold out every single home game they have played.  Consistent with that is a fan base that “travels” as well as anyone’s.

Apathy from fans

Yet fan apathy started to set in last season.  Big Red fans began to not show up at Memorial Stadium.  Along the same lines those that did show up often left early.  Especially in the face of blowout sports betting home losses.  Therefore, it was obvious to all that radical changes were needed.  Following numerous comments that showed he lacked a connection with fans Shawn Eichorst was fired.  Indeed, the athletic director proved to be a square peg in a round hole.

Coach Mike Riley

Secondly, Eichorst’s marquee hire was shown the door at season’s end.  Nobody is a nicer guy than coach Mike Riley.  But he was the worst Nebraska coach since the 1950’s.  While this was happening, Scott Frost was garnering national attention.  In brief he was leading Central Florida to its greatest ever season.   Concurrently his Knights were lighting up the scoreboard.  Further they were considered to be exceptionally well coached.  Equally important the timing was perfect.  In conclusion it was time for Frost to come home to mama.

Scott Frost

Certainly, the hiring of Scott Frost rejuvenated Nebraska’s fan base.  In fact, practically the entire state watched his opening press conference.  Grown men literally cried during the event.  Later on, merchandise was flying off the shelves.   It is true that immediate success isn’t likely.  However most everyone firmly believes it is inevitable.  Granted, years of neglect must be overcome.  Frost’s record at UCF make dreams of Husker Power being restored.

Matchup to Watch

Frost has the brains, record, knowledge of the state and energy for success.  For one thing the entire state totally supports him.  He also knows the state like the back of his hand. Correlate to this year with the college football betting odds.The roster is not yet ready or deep enough to win a title.  Yet it will be in better shape.  Likewise, it will have the advantage of being brilliantly coached.

College Football Betting Odds Picks

In brief, Frost has said that opponents “better get us now.”  To sum up this is a likely seven-win season.  Indeed, the best seasons are yet to come.  In contrast to 2017, the upcoming season will show significant improvement.

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