NCAA Football Odds – Big Ten Eyes Gator Bowl Agreement

NCAA football odds tell us that the Big Ten Conference is looking at adding the Gator Bowl to its bowl agreements.

That would give the conference another major bowl game on January 1st that would attract a lot of sports betting attention in college football betting line numbers.

NCAA football odds could have the Gator Bowl matching up the Big 10’s fourth or fifth team against the number three team from the ACC. The agreement is said to be a four year-deal between the Gator Bowl and the Big 10 and it would begin in 2010 as NCAA football odds information indicates. That would give the Big 10 a total of three early games in college football betting line numbers on January 1st and then the Rose Bowl in the afternoon. The Big 10 is likely to keep their bowl agreements with the Outback Bowl and the Capital One Bowl as online betting information indicates.

There are some other bowl games that will change in NCAA football odds. The Big 10 is going to get out of the Alamo Bowl and the Pac-10 will send a team there. The Big Ten is going to put more emphasis on the Insight Bowl as they intend to send a fourth or fifth place team to the game to face the fourth place team from the Big 12 in what should be a competitive matchup in NCAA football odds. The Insight Bowl is expected to pay out substantially more money to the Big 10 and the Big 12 and the game should be a good one in college football betting line odds.

The Big Ten is probably done with the Champs Sports Bowl so they will be looking for a bowl game for the 6th place team. One choice as NCAA football odds tell us could be the Texas Bowl against the Big 12. The Big Ten is likely to keep its deal with the Motor City Bowl for the seventh place team.

It could be a very good season for the Big 10. Ohio State is very much in the national title picture in NCAA football odds with star quarterback Terrelle Pryor. The Buckeyes are just one of the teams in the Big 10 that will get attention in college football betting online as Penn State, Michigan State and even Iowa could challenge for the Big 10 crown this year.

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