NCAA Football Betting – Texas Tech Fires Mike Leach

NCAA football betting in the past week has had Texas Tech in the news because of their head coach Mike Leach.

Now the university is in the news again, as Leach is "terminated with cause effective immediately."  The Red Raiders face Michigan State in college football betting in Saturday’s Alamo Bowl so the timing definitely could impact the team.

NCAA football betting still has Texas Tech as about a touchdown favorite on Saturday even without their head coach.  Leach was suspended earlier this NCAA football betting week by Texas Tech over allegations he mistreated wide receiver Adam James.  It had been reported in college football betting info that Leach twice confined James to small, dark spaces during practice after James was diagnosed by a doctor to have a concussion.

Leach’s affidavit said, "I have never and would never intentionally harm or endanger a player. I am committed to Texas Tech University and the well being of my football players. I have been forced into this situation without being afforded any process," Leach said. The Red Raiders will be coached in the Alamo Bowl on Saturday by defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill.

Leach was given a new contract earlier this NCAA football betting year after leading Texas Tech to an 11-2 season.  Leach has never really gotten along with the athletic director or the school president so the contract was an issue for a while.  In the end the university agreed with Leach on a five-year, $12.7 million deal.  Since Texas Tech is firing Leach with cause, they won’t have to pay him much of that salary now although they may still have to pay a buyout.  NCAA football betting had part of Leach’s contract paying him a $800,000 bonus on Dec. 31 if he was still the head coach at Texas Tech.

This has not been a good college football betting year for the Big 12 and their head coaches.  This is the second time in just over a month in college football betting that a head coach has been fired after an investigation into treatment of players. Kansas head coach Mark Mangino resigned after Kansas investigated some of his methods.  NCAA football betting indicated that in that case the school and Mangino reached an agreement on a $3 million dollar buyout.

NCAA football betting should be interesting on Saturday when Texas Tech takes the field in the Alamo Bowl against Michigan State.

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