NCAA College Football Betting on Parlays Strategy

NCAA football betting parlays offer very nice payoffs, are exciting with their low costs, and get a lot of people excited on college football betting Saturdays.

Let’s take a look at parlays from a NCAA college football betting perspective and see if we can find some great strategies for making them profitable against the NCAA college football betting odds

The first thing you can do with your NCAA college football betting parlays is find one team to key in your parlays. For example, you take your top NCAA bet of the day and put it into multiple parlays. Let’s say you have three parlays and put your top team in all three parlays. Let ’s say it is a three team parlay. You now have your top team in three separate 3 team parlays. If your top team wins you have an excellent chance of hitting at least one of those parlays.

What about another NCAA college football betting strategy? You could play a two teamer with a side and total or put one factor into multiple parlays. This could involve the side and total or it could involve some other factor in a game. It could be that you put all college football betting games with bad weather together or you decide to put together a bunch of home favorites. You might decide that you want to put together parlays with power teams or you might want all TV college football betting games on your parlay. You might decide that your parlays are better with a bunch of underdogs. Whatever factor you decide upon, it is the same in all of your parlays against the NCAA college football betting odds.

College football betting parlays are not that easy to collect on. The more teams you put on your parlay the more difficult it becomes and the greater the payout. That is why many people will only play two, three and four team parlays. Anything more than a four teamer is really tough to collect on.

Parlay strategies can help you win more money with your college football betting this season. These strategies don ’t guarantee you a profit but they can give you a chance. You must remember that the sportsbook has the edge when you bet parlays. Your goal is to reduce that edge with some strategies that can help. Remember these little tidbits as you bet NCAA college football parlays this season and you may be able to hit more than you have in the past and you may be able to get a little bit of profit against the college football betting odds.

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