College Football Betting Odds & NCAA Conferences

If you want to win this college football odds season you need to get prepared

You have to remember that there are over 100 teams on the college football odds board and looking at each of them on a weekly basis in college football betting is quite a task.

Here is a look at each of the college football odds conferences. You can choose any one of them and then select the 2007 football odds preview of each team in the conference. That should help you in your college football betting this season.

College Football Betting Conferences


As you look at football odds this season you really need to narrow things down. It doesn’t matter how you do this in football odds, just so it is done. You might live in the Midwest and be a Big 10 football odds guru. You might live on the West Coast and be attached to the Pac-10 for your football odds. It could be that you have developed a system that only looks at certain college football betting trends. Whatever the case; you need to plan out your football odds strategy.

As you look at football odds take the time to look at the individual teams. You can look at our previews and get a handle on which teams you feel comfortable following in college football betting. If you want to research how a particular college football betting system would have done last year, take the time to look at ATS college football betting numbers and do the research. Preparation is a huge key to football odds success.

Going over past results and looking at what would have worked last year is an excellent way to win in football odds. Players, coaches, and situations may change, but the same college football betting criteria and situations occur over and over again.  Students of football odds who study situational handicapping are ready to win. The better prepared a football odds player is, the more time he will have to keep up to date with current trends and situations.

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