Motor City Bowl Odds

Motor City Bowl odds are here once again. This is one of the best under the radar match ups in the college odds bowl betting and far too few sports fans pay attention to the Motor City Bowl betting.

There are now dozens of bowls to choose from every December and January and many often go unnoticed but the Motor City Bowl odds should not be missed.

Motor City Bowl odds always seem to result in a very interesting on field match up and you can be sure the betting lines on this game will hold.  Since the Motor City Bowl betting is not at the top of every sports fans wish list the uninformed bets play only a very small role in shaping the final Motor City Bowl odds.  At first glance, there’s not really all that much to catch your attention.  After all, the Motor City Bowl odds competition is held in a dome, in Detroit, in December.  Those are not the ideal settings for college football odds magic, but somehow the organizers of the Motor City Bowl odds have kept the dream alive for over two decades and still going strong.  Of course that could change now that the principal sponsors of the Motor City Bowl betting, GM, Ford and Chrysler, teeter of the precipice of bankruptcy, but for now the Motor City Bowl odds are alive and well.

And throughout the past 20 years of Motor City Bowl odds there have been some fantastic moments and some amazing players come through.  The Motor City Bowl odds generally feature a top MAC team versus the #7 Big Ten team.  This year the Big 10 rep will be a far cry from the normally competitive teams that are sent to the Motor City Bowl odds, as the conference on the whole, is down this season.  But in years past great players like Purdue QB Dan Orslovsky have represented the Big 10 and taken the Motor City Bowl odds MVP trophy home.

But for the most part the stars in the Motor City Bowl odds have been the MAC players.  How’s this for a list of top Motor City Bowl odds players in the past: Randy Moss, Byron Leftwich, Chad Pennington, DeAngelo Hall and Chester Taylor.  All are now starring in the NFL and it all began some might say here at the Motor City Bowl odds competition. 

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