Longhorns of Texas at Bears of Baylor Betting Odds

November 27th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

With the 2015 NCAA Football Regular Season ending, this Saturday the 5 of December 2015 we have 2 Big 12 rivals in the Longhorns if Texas 4-7 playing at No. 7 Bears of Baylor 9-2 with the game being played at the McLane Stadium in Waco, Texas with the game Scheduled for 12:05 PM ET and seen on ESPN TV.

The Bears of Baylor lost their chance for 3rd straight title in the Big 12 as they lost last weekend to the Horned Frogs of TCU in double OT 28-21, now they will have to release their anger and frustrations against another Big 12 rival, the Longhorns of Texas on Saturday. Can they make a comeback and beat another rival in this game?

If you’re a fan of the (4-7 Overall and 3-5 Big 12) Longhorns of Texas your team desire for a Bowl game, was deterred as the lost to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech 48-45, in a game that was close to the end and that was with the Longhorns without some key players. But as the game came to an end they lacked the defense to stop the Red Raiders and their own ability to score.

Regardless of the loss the Texas team came away happy as their upcoming TB C. Warren III who was playing for injured RB’s Gray and Foreman came forward with a breakout performance as he broke the school’s freshman record, as he had 4 touchdowns on 25 carries for some 278 yards in that game. On the other hand, unfortunately the Texans added some more injuries as their QB J. Heard had to leave their last game with a concussion, and is probable for this final game of the 2015 season with the Bears of Baylor.

To win this game they need to continue with their dependable offense and running game, but their big concern is on defense as the Baylor team is averaging 615 yards each game in offense and some 51 points each game in 2015 which ranks high in the Big 12.

The fans of the (Overall 9-2 and 6-2 Big 12) Bears of Baylor and the team had to dismiss their thoughts of another Big 12 Title and the chance to play in this seasons CFP’s, as they still are hurting from their double OT loss to the Horned Frogs of TCU 28-21. They might try to blame the down pouring rainy weather, but that won’t bring them the win they needed.

The experts claim the Bears tried everything to lose that game, and still only lost by a mere 3 points in the game. Yes, they had 5 turnovers and 16 possessions that ended empty and in the second half of the game were unable to complete a pass attempt, and yes they struggled. But that’s now the past, and in this last game they need to not look back and make a comeback. In their previous 10 games with TCU the Bears are with 4 wins and 6 losses.

The Bears are hoping for a big game from RB S. Linwood since the Longhorns have allowed some 204 rushing yards by opponents this season and that ranks high in the Big 12 in 2015. RB Linwood leads the team with 10 touchdowns and with 1,299 rushing yards and has surpassed 100 yards rushing on 6 occasions this season.

The Bears WR C. Coleman has also performed well, as he has 20 touchdowns this season and some 1,314 yard on receptions, but against TCU they held him to just 1 reception for 8 yards and that was incredible.

The sportsbook prediction for this game is that the Bears of Baylor will make a comeback and beat the Horned Frogs of TCU in a big way 48-27!

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