Learning the College Football Odds

College football odds give you a lot of chances to learn from your mistakes.

Everyone that has ever been involved in wagering against the college football odds has suffered a bad beat, probably many. The key to recovering from losses versus the college football line is to not overreact and it is much easier said than done. College football odds on a Saturday look so appealing. Many football gamblers will start out a typical Saturday or Sunday during the season full of optimism. When they start to suffer some bad beats or some early losses that optimism tends to go out the window in favor of panic.

Sometimes things start going bad versus the college football odds and gamblers look at ways to get even by betting even more on the later games. It doesn’t matter that those later games were not ones they originally liked on the college football betting line. What matters is that they need to get even. This is a recipe for disaster in college football odds. Once in a while the losing player will turn it around, but for every time that happens there are countless times where the losing player goes totally broke versus the college football odds. Remember the saying that “what can go wrong will?” When things are going bad they tend to keep going bad. That is just the way life works.

Many times in college football odds the average gambler will forget that there is another week. They get totally involved with the current day’s college football odds, so much so that they forget it is just one small part of the whole season. Losses are going to happen versus the college football betting line. There is no avoiding that fact. The trick is to not overreact and bet beyond your means when they happen. The best option a gambler has when looking at the college football betting line is to stay on course for the entire season, and that means withstanding the bad beats and brutal losses.

The intelligent gambler learns from his losses versus the college football odds. The next time you are in the middle of a busy Saturday or Sunday of betting action don’t overreact to that last second field goal that beats you. Don’t go overboard when you blow a three touchdown lead. You have to avoid what poker players call “tilt” and keep your head versus the college football odds. Learn from your losses and recover from them as you bet college football odds.

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