Keys to Betting College Football Odds

College football odds are simple to bet, yet gamblers that bet college football lines are often prone to make it into the equivalent of building a nuclear bomb.

Winning versus college football odds does not have to be difficult. Let’s take a look at some simple keys to remember as you bet college football. College football odds success can be had if you keep things simple. Here are some easy things to remember. First, you want to find teams that have rock-ribbed defenses. There is nothing more frustrating when you bet college football lines than to have money on a team that cannot stop its opponent.

There are plenty of teams with great offenses that never go anywhere versus college football lines. Teams with a defense are teams to look hard at, either as dogs or favorites in college football odds. Next look for quality dogs with winning records in college football lines. Since the public is prone to bet home favorites you will often get extra value on the college football odds board by betting the pup. Beyond that, when you can get a good or equal team at plus points it simply makes a lot of sense in college football odds.

If you want to win money this season you really need to avoid betting on the marquee teams every single week. There are numerous examples of how the media hype machine has continually failed gamblers and pointed them in the wrong direction versus college football odds. Next, when in doubt, take the proven team. Oftentimes gamblers that bet college football odds like to get clever and cute and come up with surprise teams that often falter in the face of proven commodities.

Finally, remember that college football odds can be bet by looking at the coaches. College football is far more of a “coach’s” game than pro football, and with that in mind look for coaching edges when you bet college football lines. These are just a few simple keys to remember as you bet college football odds this season.

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