International Bowl Odds

International Bowl odds fans expecting a monumental match up in this year’s International Bowl betting aren’t likely to find it.

For college football odds fans the International Bowl odds are pretty much an afterthought. But yet most college football odds fans end up checking out the International Bowl odds anyway considering that the game is held on a day when no one is working and there is chance to watch some football.

International Bowl odds actually have a very long history. Most people aren’t aware that the first International Bowl odds date all the way back to 1937. That means that the International Bowl odds are more than 70 years old. But there is a very good reason why no one has ever heard of the International Bowl odds. And the reason for that is that there has been a very long hiatus between the 1937 Bacardi Bowl held in Havana, Cuba, which would later become the International Bowl odds game. In fact, the International Bowl betting was only revived in 2007. But when it finally was brought back the International Bowl odds came back with a vengeance and quite a lot of fan fare. This was due to the novel concept of holding the International Bowl betting competition outside of the US and also due to the fact that it was held on Saturday, January 6th. The only other bowl games held this late are generally BCS games or even the BCS championship game. So you could say that the International Bowl odds competition is in pretty good company.

Last year the International Bowl odds featured Rutgers and Ball State in which could best be described as a beta down. Rutgers was the winner of the 2008 International Bowl odds by a very large margin, 52-30. For most football fans that’s not much of a game, but if you were on the right side of the International Bowl odds spread it probably wasn’t such a bad day. The International Bowl odds MVP of the past year was Rutgers running back Ray Rice, who has now gone on to the NFL to do great things.

This year the match up in the International Bowl betting has yet to arrange. With several weeks left in the season there are still a few things left to determine. One thing that is known is that there will be a Big East rep and Mid-American conference rep in the International Bowl odds.

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