Emerald Bowl Betting

Emerald Bowl betting is some of the most exciting college football betting around.

The Emerald Bowl odds aren’t quite as hot a commodity as other big name bowls like the BCS Championship game, but there are still plenty of fans out there that can’t wait to try their hands at the Emerald Bowl this year. And the 2008 edition of the Emerald Bowl betting looks to be just as good as ever.

Emerald Bowl betting will enter its seventh year of existence this season and ever since its creation in 2002 this college football betting game has simply gotten better every year. Held in San Francisco, the Emerald Bowl odds are yet another West Coast bowl game. For most sports betting fans this is a positive development considering that the games come on late enough in the day on the East coast that there should be no conflict with work and watching the Emerald Bowl betting. Due to the three hour time difference between the two coasts the Emerald Bowl is a bowl game that most people can experience with little potential conflict.

San Francisco and college bowl games aren’t often grouped together but in this case the Emerald Bowl betting and the City by the Bay have proven to be a great fit. The weather in the Bay at this time of year is not quite ideal but neither is it freezing when the Emerald Bowl betting comes to town. Rain can be a concern and playing conditions during the competition are often wet and soggy. Fog often plays a factor in determining the Emerald Bowl odds as well. But these water-logged conditions favor teams with a strong run attack and generally the team with the better rushing numbers is victorious in the Emerald Bowl betting.

During the past few Emerald Bowl odds competitions the top players and MVPs have also been the running backs simply because passing can be difficult in soggy weather conditions during the Emerald Bowl betting. Thus, it’s hard to say what type of play will win the Emerald Bowl betting and what kind of weather we’re likely to see. But with so many top running teams in both the ACC and Pac 10 (the two affiliated conferences) weather shouldn’t hinder the play of either potential Emerald Bowl betting winning team.

December 27th isn’t far off and the Emerald Bowl betting is just around the corner. Open a New Account and bet on the Emerald Bowl at SBG Global!

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