Inside Alabama’s College Football Recruiting Machine

college football game image of player catching footballOn this NCAA Football National Signing day I think it’s appropriate to take a look at the recruiting tactics of the of Alabama. The Crimson Tide lead the NCAA in recruitment, so we take a look inside Coach Saban’s recruiting machine at Alabama.

The magic of his success starts in his 2nd floor office in the Mal M. Moore facility for Athletics in Tuscaloosa Alabama, and every recruit that enters his office, the recruit is treated as he is the most important person in Coach Saban’s future.

But is he the best NCAA recruiter in college history? That’s a question that difficult to debate as it appears very possible that Coach Saban at Alabama will win the Rivals national title for recruitment for the 5th consecutive season, and that would make it 6 recruitment titles in the last seven NCAA FB seasons. That for Coach Saban comes off as just another day at Alabama and the office of the famed coach, as he claims it’s only about hard work.

The truth is that Coach Saban’s staff is recruiting every day of the year, by either making calls, writing letters or viewing game films of the potential recruits. They make detailed reports on each recruit, and detail is not overlooked. When Coach Saban interviews a recruit he normally knows everything about the player’s life, as the staff has discovered where the recruit can flourish at Alabama.

Coach Saba insists that he is to know all the details of every recruit that they at Alabama are interested in. Coach Saban has a recruit room very close to his office, where only the key recruitment personnel are allowed entrance. That room has a large chalk board the covers one complete wall of the office that features the names of the players that the Crimson Tide will be targeting in their recruitment program for the next four years. Some of the information included on the board pertaining to each possible recruit is their present grade average at their school and a list of what colleges the recruits may have interest in attending.

When Coach Saban meets with a recruit by himself, or with his parents, he explains in detail every hour of every day, what the recruit will be doing for his next four years if he comes to Alabama. Including how he will make each recruit a better player on the field, and a student off the field and in the classrooms. Coach Saban is all business in his recruiting procedures, and explains in detail what Alabama offers both athletically and academically, and how he can start a NFL career for the recruit.

If you bet on college football at an online sportsbook, you should know that recruiting is a major part of every college football program. A part of Coach Saban’s recruiting system that few see, and not too many know about unless you’re at Alabama, is that his final recruiting weapon is his wife Terry Saban and everyone at Alabama calls her “Miss Terry.” She very much a conversationalist and is an elegant host as she leads the recruiting party each spring at Lake Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They call her Saban’s ultimate recruitment closer, as well as the individual that makes the recruits parents feel they are a part of the Crimson Tide.

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