Independence Bowl Betting

Independence Bowl betting is one of the fastest rising college football betting events out there right now.

Much of this has to do with clever marketing, but at the heart of the Independence Bowl odds popularity is highly competitive play on the field and interesting results on the scoreboard. The Independence Bowl betting organizing committee has done a tremendous job over the past few years and made the Independence Bowl betting one of the better post season events in college football betting.

Independence Bowl betting is ideally situated on the calendar as well as it seems to fall between Christmas and the biggest college football bowl day of the year, New Years. The December 28th date on the calendar is an ideal fit for the Independence Bowl betting and on years that the date falls on a weekend you can be sure that the Independence Bowl odds will be in high demand. Over the years, Independence Bowl betting has built a reputation for being the must-see event between the start of the college football betting bowl season and the start of the top bowl games on New Years and beyond.

But the Independence Bowl odds are no second class citizen and are highly sought out. The Independence Bowl betting is one of the few events that in the bowl season that has a substantial history and this no doubt helps to make the Independence Bowl odds such a hot commodity. In fact, the Independence Bowl betting has been around since the United States of America’s bicentennial in 1976, hence the clever name. And unlike so many other bowl games these days the Independence Bowl betting name remains simple and unpolluted with long sponsor names. Although, it should be noted the Independence Bowl odds were once sponsored by a weed eater.

But the name of the Independence Bowl betting is not what makes it great, it’s the top tier teams that are continually represented in the betting lines and the play on the field. The Independence Bowl betting is guaranteed two top teams as its associated conferences are the Big 12 and the SEC, two great football conferences. This year the Independence Bowl betting should be some of the best we’ve seen in years. The SEC and the Big 12 are, hands down, the best conferences in college football this season, and by a wide margin.

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