How Many Games in College Football Betting?

College football betting gives you quite a few games to look at each week at the sports book.

How many of these games are you going to play in NCAA football betting each week?

College football betting is more successful if you practice smart money management and that means deciding how many games to play. Whether you pick your own games, or if you follow a service, the key factor will be how you handle your wagers and how you manage your money in college football betting.  How many times have you picked more winners than losers for a college football betting Saturday but still ended up on the losing side of the ledger at the sports book?  College football betting is a very exciting time of the year because Saturday’s are so busy with a full slate of games.

The first thing to consider in NCAA football betting is how many games to play.  This first part is really debated between professional bettors around the world.  Some of them really believe that you should be very selective and play just your top plays of the day when making a college football bet.  The other camp believes that high volume is the way to go and that any time you have an edge you should play the game in college football betting.  The question to ask is whether you can win 60 percent on a very few bets, or can you win 54 or 55 percent of a high volume of plays in college football betting?  If you do the math, the better way to make profits during a long season is to play a large number of plays if you are confident you can hit around 55 percent in college football betting.  The higher volume of plays results in making more money in NCAA football betting but the big problem with this way of playing games is that it is dangerous.

It is very difficult to withstand those bad Saturdays in college football betting that everyone has from time to time. The ups and downs are very difficult for most bettors to withstand when making a college football bet.  There may be a 12-8 or 13-7 on a Saturday but then the next Saturday you have a 7-13 or 8-12 in college football betting.  Those difficult Saturdays are really tough to take in college football betting at the sports book. If you have the discipline, playing a large number of games will make you more money in the long run in NCAA football betting, but most people don’t.

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