Handicap College Football Odds Differently

College football odds are different for many reasons. One of the major differences between NFL odds and college football betting line is the turnover.

College football odds should be handicapped differently than NFL odds. So many people believe that just because it is football, it’s all the same. There are many differences between the college football betting line and the NFL betting line. Just because you are successful betting the NFL does not mean you will succeed versus college football betting line.

You will see some changes in the NFL with free agency, but for the most part the key players stay with their teams during the off-season. In college football that is not the case as players graduate every year and roster turnover is very high. Usually it is only juniors and seniors that make the major impact versus college football odds and in two years those players are gone. It is very difficult for gamblers to keep up to date with the new players as they look at the college football betting odds. Many gamblers looking at college football odds will try and stay abreast of what is going on with teams by keeping an eye on the head coach. If the coach remains the same, usually the overall philosophy remains the same. You still have to look at the turnover in players for the college team, but if you have a strong head coach then you know he will still have a good team versus the college football betting line. Certain teams like Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and USC just reload every season. The turnover factor is not as critical at these high profile schools as you look at college football odds. If you look at programs like Kent or San Diego State or similar teams in the middle of college football, turnover is much more critical in terms of college football odds.

How many times during a football betting season do you find that you win versus college football odds and lose versus NFL odds or you lose betting college football odds and win betting NFL odds? It seems to be that you can’t win at both. There is often no rhyme or reason for it but some years are like that.

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