GMAC Bowl Betting

GMAC Bowl betting season is coming up soon in the world of college football betting.

GMAC Bowl betting comes but once a year and this year’s edition will happen on January 6, 2009. Although the GMAC Bowl betting lacks the big name appeal of the BCS series bowl games there will be plenty of action in this game and college football betting fans would be remiss to not catch this match up.

GMAC Bowl betting will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and it could very well be the best GMAC Bowl betting ever. Every year the GMAC Bowl betting committee gets together and decides on which teams it will invite to the GMAC Bowl odds competition. There are all kinds of things to look for in a college football bowl and the GMAC Bowl betting has most of the bases covered. Held in Mobile, AL every year the GMAC Bowl betting has grown nearly every year of its existence. There have been many different story lines that have taken place in the previous GMAC Bowl betting occasions but they have all led the way for a better edition of the GMAC Bowl odds in the following year.

There have been many different champions in the GMAC Bowl betting over the past ten years and this year we should expect perhaps another name on the list of GMAC Bowl betting winners. The two conferences with tie-ins to the GMAC Bowl betting game are Conference USA and the MAC. Neither conference is top tier conference per se but they’ve managed to create pretty impressive GMAC Bowl betting match ups in the years past and there‘s no reason not to expect that to continue this year.

There are quite a few possibilities this year as to which teams will qualify for the GMAC Bowl betting competition and it wont be known until the end of the season which teams will be featured in the 2009 GMAC Bowl betting. With a $750,000 purse on the line, the GMAC Bowl odds battle isn’t nearly as lucrative as the bigger BCS bowls, but nonetheless three quarter of a million dollars is nothing to sneeze at either and teams will be unlikely to sneer at such an amount.

For GMAC Bowl betting fans the game falls on a perfect day, January 6th 2009, a Saturday. This ensures that it will receive plenty of viewers on the tube and plenty of GMAC Bowl betting fans will be able to watch the game unfold.

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