Florida Already Making History

College football betting indicates that the Florida Gators have already made history before the season begins.

Florida is #1 in the Associated Press preseason Top 25 but that it not the news.  How much of a lead they have in that poll is the college football betting online news.

College football betting has Florida at #1 in the AP poll followed by Texas, Oklahoma, USC and Alabama.  Florida got 58 of the 60 first place votes as college football betting tells us. The other two first place votes went to Texas.  That means 96.7 percent of the first place votes went to the Gators as college football betting online numbers show.  That is the highest percentage of first place votes ever in the AP preseason poll.  The previous high was in 2007 when USC got 95.4%.  The Trojans didn’t win the national title that college football betting year.

How much does the preseason poll really matter in college football betting?  Since the poll started in 1950 only ten preseason #1 teams have gone on to win the national title.  That is not a very good percentage as college football betting online numbers show. 

The Gators could make even more college football betting history in 2009-2010.  Only one team since 1950 has won three national titles in four years and that was Nebraska who won it all in 1994, 1995 and 1997 although that last title was a split national title.

Florida is definitely a huge college football betting choice at the sportsbook.  They are 2-1 to win the national title and those sports betting odds are almost unheard of.  The Gators are going to be overvalued but head coach Urban Meyer says he is keeping the team focused. "There’s a lot of guys getting patted on the back and being told how good they are," Meyer said, "Their only focus is on survival to the next day and working hard in practice.”

College football betting facts tell us that the rest of the Top 10 in the AP poll has Ohio State at #6, Virginia Tech at #7, Mississippi #8, while Penn State and Oklahoma State are tied for #9.  College football betting shows that Mississippi is in the Top 10 for the first time since 1970.  Oklahoma State has their highest ranking since 1985 as college football betting online indicates.

Getting back to #1 Florida we find in college football betting that the AP preseason #1 has only finished at #1 twice since 1998.  USC did it in 2004 in college football betting while Florida State pulled it off in 1999.

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