First Half and Halftime College Football Betting

College football betting can actually be done in many different ways.

A form of college football gambling that is still more of a niche than a popular form to play is half wagering, in which a gambler can wager on either the first or second half results of games. Let’s look at college football betting halves wagering.

College football betting on the first half is available on nearly all games on the football schedule and is when a gambler bets on only the first half result, with the second half having no relevance at all to the bet. You can wager on first half college football betting pointspread sides, over/under totals, and even money lines on some of the games.

Second half wagering, often referred to as “halftime” college football betting, is similar to first half college football betting except that gamblers are only wagering on the second half of games on the football schedules, with the first half having no relevance to the bet. The halftime college football betting lines are promptly posted almost as soon as the first half gun goes off.

First half wagering college football betting is effective for games in which a blowout is expected and you are leaning with the favorite. Even in blowout games in college football gambling, the second and third stringers don’t take the field until the second half, which means that the “backdoor” stays closed to the weaker team in the first half.

Second half wagering is done by a lot of professionals who like to look over the first half of action to get a feel for a game in college football gambling. Beyond that, these professionals also like to, in essence, go bargain hunting and take the team that they originally wanted at what would be, in reality, a discount in college football gambling. Let’s say that the Ohio State Buckeyes were a 9-point college football betting home favorite against the Michigan Wolverines but were trailing 13-10 at the half. At the half the Buckeyes were made a 7.5-point college football betting favorite. In essence, gamblers coming in on Ohio State now will get a price break as instead of laying 9 for the game they are laying only 4.5 for the game. This is why many professional gamblers like college football betting halftimes.

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