Emerald Bowl Odds

Emerald Bowl odds are often overlooked by mainstream sports fans and this is a much too common college football betting error.

While the Emerald Bowl betting fans that truly know about this football game are quick to seek out the Emerald Bowl odds there are all kinds of other college football betting fans that simply skip over it. And that’s a shame not just for the Emerald Bowl odds makers but also for anyone that loves a great college football match up.

Emerald Bowl odds were first established in 2002. Since then the Emerald Bowl betting has been slowly making a name for itself with several spectacular games to its credit in the brief history of its existence. This will be the seventh edition of the Emerald Bowl betting and this year it should be especially competitive according to most Emerald Bowl odds makers.

Each year the Emerald Bowl features a team from the ACC conference and the Pac 10. This is a very rare match up of unusual quality and it’s the reason that more and more people are starting to look up the Emerald Bowl odds. It’s rare that teams of such high quality conferences play one another and this is no doubt the top draw for most Emerald Bowl betting fans. Granted it’s not the top two teams from each respective conference featured in the Emerald Bowl odds but nonetheless there is no shortage of talent of competition when it comes to the Emerald Bowl betting.

This year both conferences will be represented by middle of the pack teams which probably gives the ACC the advantage in the Emerald Bowl odds. The ACC has been the most competitive conference in the country this year despite not having an elite team in rankings or a marquee team to send to the Emerald Bowl odds. But from top to bottom this conference has more talent than the Pac 10 this year and that’s definitely something to consider when the Emerald Bowl odds are released.

If the most recent Emerald Bowl odds results are anything to go by, the winning team in this year’s match up will rely heavily on the run and stout defense. This was the case in the Oregon State Beavers win the Emerald Bowl last year and the same can be said of the Florida State Seminoles’ win in the Emerald Bowl the year before.

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