Eagle Bank Bowl Betting

Eagle Bank Bowl betting is certainly not the main event when it comes to college football bowl betting, but none the less, it’s great entertainment.

When most people think of college football bowl betting, they think of the BCS games or the championship match up, not Eagle Bank Bowl odds.  Yet, the deeper you look into this relatively new bowl game, the more reasons you’ll find to take a chance on Eagle Bank Bowl betting.

Eagle Bank Bowl betting may sound like something contrived on the Internet or a sports talk radio program.  But the Eagle Bank Bowl odds are very real indeed and will kick off the new bowl betting season in December.  The reason why most bettors are unlikely familiar with the Eagle Bank Bowl betting is that this is the first year that such a thing has ever existed.  In April of this year the powers that are in college football got together and approved the creation of two new bowl games.  Obviously the Eagle Bank Bowl betting game was one of the bowl games added, in addition to the St Petersburg Bowl which will also debut this year for the first time in bowl betting history.

But with a million bowl games already existing, why should fans waste their time and money on the Eagle Bank Bowl odds?  That’s a good question, and fortunately there is a good answer.  The new Eagle Bank Bowl betting will actually be the very first bowl game of the betting season and that should be enough reason to get fans to check out the Eagle Bank Bowl betting.  The game will be played on December 20, five days before Christmas and should serve as a very good intro the very hectic bowl betting season.  Eagle Bank Bowl odds aren’t available yet, as the season has yet to be played out and it remains unknown as to which teams will be featured in the Eagle Bank Bowl betting.

When the Eagle Bank Bowl odds are released, you can be sure that they will be in high demand.  For the most part, the college football betting season will be over with by the end of November, in some cases the first week of December.  That leaves a huge block of several weeks without college football action before the Eagle Bank Bowl betting comes into play.  By that time most college football bettors will be starving for some action and the Eagle Bank Bowl betting will be the first opportunity to break their fast.

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