Cotton Bowl Game Betting

Cotton Bowl game betting at SBG Global will have Cotton Bowl odds for the 72nd AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic available after the BCS games are announced.

Cotton Bowl game betting usually involves looking at teams from the Big 12 conference and the SEC.  As you look at Cotton Bowl odds you may want to know that many of the games have been low scoring.  One of the lowest scoring bowl games of all time was the 2002 Cotton Bowl between Oklahoma and Arkansas that ended 10-3.  Keep the under in mind as you look at this year’s Cotton Bowl.

Motivation is the key factor for any bowl game and is something to consider with Cotton Bowl game betting. That is one reason that underdogs have done quite well in bowl game and should be considered in Cotton Bowl game college football betting If the Cotton Bowl game betting favorite isn’t motivated then the underdog is always worth a serious look.

You also want to keep in mind in Cotton Bowl game betting that the Big 12 has traditionally fared poorly in bowl games.  You have to be very careful about backing Big 12 teams as you look at Cotton Bowl odds.  You may also want to look at the team that has the talented quarterback. If a quarterback is well prepared for the bowl game it is likely the team will also be ready.  Good quarterbacks almost always give you a chance to win.

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